Upcoming Performances

Youth Social Entrepreneurship Summit
Friday April 27th, 2012 at 2 pm.
The Summit is being hosted by St. Thomas Business School in Minneapolis. 
The performance will be in the in Thornton Auditorium.

Past Performances

New Year's Eve at the Epic Event Center

“Gita” Awards
Circus Juventas
October 8th, 2011

Performance at the Sports Pavilion
next to Williams Arena
Saturday, March 19.

February 5, 2011
International Market Square
9:00 pm

CedarCrest Academy Gala

In collaboration with Circus Juventas


Perfectly synchronized motion, precision balanced choreography, remarkable feats of strength and flexibility fill this performance, taking full advantage of Butler and Zhang’s jaw-dropping strength. The pair complement each other’s drama and stage presence; edgy and gothic, the act pushes acro-balance limits while continually surprising audiences with unexpected moves and ingenious twists.

Pas de Deux

Retelling the romantic tale of Achilles and Briseis, this captivating act pairs Butler’s grace and agility with Zhang’s power and presence. Inventive choreography, perfectly paced music and dramatic costuming guarantee audiences will be swept away from the first moment.

Acrobatic Juggling

Athletic in inspiration, lyrical in motion, this performance pushes the limits of traditional juggling combining precision acrobatics with sinuous choreography. An exotic soundtrack accompanies dramatic juggling manipulations inspired by famed Cirque du Soleil artist Victor Kee; the performance is uniquely young, inventive, energetic and filled with surprises.